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Project Description


The compressor is a key component of air-conditioning system and functions like the heart of a person. It is operated by force originating from the vehicle engine, and repeats a cycle of inhalation, compression and circulation of the refrigerant. It compresses low-pressure gas and relays it to the condenser. HANON is manufacturing 3 types of compressors such as Fixed type (HS), Variable type, and Rotary Suction Valve type compressors. HANON also manufactures the electric compressors, which are all being developed by our advanced Eco-friendly Technology.

  • HS compressor(fixed type)
  • fixed swash plate type
  • VS compressor(variable type)
  • variable swash plate type
  • RS compressor(fixed type)
  • rotary suction valve type
  • Electric compressor(electric type)
  • Heat Exchanger : Hear exchanger

Heat exchanger is the device used to obtain required performances by transferring the heat between 2 types of materials. With this device, heat is transferred from one material to another one. In terms of heating and air-conditioning system of a vehicle, heat exchanger is categorized into Radiator, Condenser, Evaporator Core and Heater Core.