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Project Description

Fan & Shroud

Functions: Located behind the RADIATOR and CONDENSER, the purpose of FAN & SHROUD is to maintain the cooling performance of the RADIATOR and CONDENSER by forcing the air to pass through the activated fan. It consists of FAN, which is in windmill shape, a MOTOR to activate the FAN and SHROUDS that act as MOTOR SUPPORT and AIR GUIDE. It is activated on the basis of such factors as, temperature of the coolant, activating conditions of Air-conditioner and pressure of the Refrigerant.

Characteristics & Advantages:

High Performance, Low Noise
HANON has been developing and applying the wave type FANS and Saw-Tooth type SHROUDS with distinctive design that could increase the wind velocity of the FAN and reduce the noise it generates.

Durability & Optimized Design
All the performance and durability tests that are required to verify the capability of the FAN & SHROUDS can be taken with our own equipment at HANON. Therefore, it is possible to conduct necessary tests for selecting the optimum design and materials. It is also possible to conduct the test with conditions that are equal to the surrounding conditions of the vehicle in real time simulation basis through our wind tunnel tests.

HANON’s FANS have been developed with various sizes that satisfy the needs of the performances and engine room spaces. It is possible for shroud to apply various types of MOTORS such as Flat and Low Profile category types, which have been already developed with various output ability and torque speed.