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Project Description


RADIATOR is a device, which is used to cool the engine through heat exchanging processes between the coolant and atmosphere in which, extra fans are applied to accelerate the heat exchanging process. As a leader in engine cooling industry, HANON is enforcing all it’s efforts, not only to increase the efficiency and cooling performance of a RADIATORS, but also to optimize the performance of a vehicle through reduction of weight and FAN consumptions as well.

Characteristics & Advantages:

High Class Optimum Design
HANON provides optimized Heat Exchanging Performance and Cooling Systems based on characteristics of a vehicle. With HANON’s RADIATOR, it is possible to arrange the CROSS FLOW and DOWN FLOW in a symmetric sequence

Light-Weight, High Performance Radiator
The combination of HANON’s ultra thin TUBE and FINS provides utmost heat exchange performances. It has become possible to obtain high performance ratio compared to weight ration of an ALLUMINIUM ALLOY through size and weight reduction processes.

Durability, Anti-Corrosion
Durability and Anti-corrosion ability of HANON’s RADIATOR has been enhanced greatly due to it’s application of BRAZING and ALUMINIUM technology and addition of PLASTIC TANK.